Permanent Horizontal Cable Lifeline System
Designed to protect personnel working at height in hazardous environments. The system can be installed: On brick, masonry, steel, aluminum and many timber structures, for two people between two supports. Meets or exceeds ANSI and OSHA requirements for horizontal lifelines.

Permanent Horizontal UnitensionerR RollstarR System

Permanent Cable Horizontal Lifeline bolted to a wall

Permanent Horizontal Cable UnitensionerR Lifeline System for I-Beams

Permanent Cable Horizontal Lifeline on i-beams
  1. End Station
  2. UnitensionerR
  3. Carabiner
  4. Combination Clamp
  5. Clip
  6. Cable 5/16 Dia. (S/Steel)
  7. RollstarR
  8. Intermediate Support